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Blackberry & KLuv

You can immediately tell Blackberry and KLuv know how to have a good time. They’re both laughing and joking with each other. Friends. With definite ...benefits! Blackberry pushes KLuv back onto the coach, lifts his buddy’s shirt and dives right in on KLuv’s dark nipples. Licking and sucking while KLuv moans with pleasure. Those are some seriously sensitive nipples! KLuv gets so hard so fast that he has to get his bulging cock out of his pants and pronto. Blackberry quickly realizes he has a new target now and takes KLuv’s love meat deep into his throat. KLuv’s eyes roll back into his head as his dick slides in and out of Blackberry’s talented mouth. That mouth can do more things than that, though! Blackberry swings KLuv around and spreads his buddy’s cheeks open wide. He wants to taste that hole and dives right in. KLuv loves getting rimmed and the electric shockwaves this sends through his body have him shaking with pleasure! Once that hole is properly spit-lubed Blackberry lines his rock-hard BBC up and drives it home. KLuv is living for this long-dicking and all that comes with it. Blackberry is a limber guy, he can suck KLuv’s dick while pile-driving KLuv’s hole! OMG, it feels so good! But Kluv has a trick up his sleeve. He’s going to give Blackberry a taste of his own medicine, and Blackberry is going to love it! Blackberry lays back onto the couch and now it’s KLuv’s turn to plow the depths of Blackberry’s hot ass! KLuv spit-lubes and drives his own BBC deep into the bussy of the man who was fucking him just seconds ago. Blackberry really enjoys the bottoming and lets KLuv go to town on his hole - plunging, pounding, plowing! KLuv gets a rhythm going and Blackberry is there for it. The fever-pitch is getting higher and higher. Blackberry intensifies the action by grabbing hold of his own monster and jerking it for all he’s got. Two shots of man juice are on their way! [Read more]

Chy The Freak and Mack Daddy

Chy The Freak spells his name that way for a reason. Chy’s not shy at all, especially when a sexy hung stud with a big black cock is in the room. ... Mack Daddy’s huge dong is aching for release, so when Chy goes down on that big black cock Mack knows he’s in for a good time. Chy’s masterful at swallowing that monster whole and Mack’s moans fill the room. Chy’s mouth is awesome but his mouth isn’t the intended target for Mack’s BBC. Mack wants to fill that ass so he swings Chy around so he can get that hole good and wet. Chy’s eyes roll back into his head! He’s getting so much pleasure from this deep intense rimming! Chy’s fully lubed now and Mack Daddy is so hard that he can push into that hungry hole with no hands! This hot pounding has Chy screaming in ecstasy and begging for more! Mack’s got skills, so these target into a breeding rhythm that can only end one way! [Read more]

Perfection & Unlimited Creamz

Perfection’s cock is exactly that: perfection. Long and thick, perfect for BBC lovers. He wastes no time whipping it out and getting it hard with, hot strokes. But Perfection isn’t looking to fly solo today. Not when his friend, Unlimited Creamz, is nearby. Creamz also has a big black cock and knows what it wants - a hot mouth wrapped around it! Perfection is happy to dive right onto that girthy rod. That thing ought to be a registered weapon! It doesn’t scare Perfection’s mouth in any way. He starts bobbing up and down on it with a mouth-fucking that is sending shivers up Creamz’ spine. He doesn’t want to pop this early though, so he tells Perfection to switch places. Now it’s Creamz’ turn to get the deep throat-swabbing! Perfection may not be quite as thick but his long dong is more than enough to turn Creamz on. Creamz thinks he knows where this is going to lead, but before that can happen, Perfection wants to be sure his buddy’s hole is primed and ready for the task. Creamz gets up on all fours and Perfection’s talented tongue has a new target; that beautiful asshole! Perfection dives in deep, giving it a lashing that sends Creamz to the moon! Moaning fills the air and Creamz pushes back against Perfection’s face, begging him to go deeper. Perfection is happy to take that instruction, probing and prodding in rhythm. He’s hitting all the sensuous spots, getting them ready for what’s to come. Perfection lines his hard rod up with the hot, wet hole. You can tell this is what Creamz has been waiting for. His outer ring opens right up and you know the inner one can’t be far behind. Creamz groans out his approval and takes the long hard dicking that’s about to happen. Perfection pumps for all he’s worth. This is what he’s been waiting for - the chance to shove his bare sausage deep inside and pump it back and forth! [Read more]

Quake and Bobby Beast

Quake wastes no time getting down on Bobby Beast’s big hard cock. The hung muscle daddy sits back in his comfy leather sofa as his tatted, dreaded p...artner slobbers all over his dick. Bobby plays with Quake’s hole, getting it warmed and ready to be a proper receptacle for his bare meat. Quake’s enthusiastic sucking shows he’s ready to be taken by the big man, working it in his throat before his hole gets completely wrecked! [Read more]

Chy the Freak and Phoenix

Chy gets right down on Phoenix’s shaft. The studio is closed for the day and these two kings have a desperate need to bust out a load. Neither of th...em has cum and there’s no better place to fuck than a porn set! Phoenix watches as Chy gags and chokes on his member, getting it harder every time it tickles the cocksucker’s tonsils. Phoenix isn’t selfish, though. As soon as he’s got a good polish on his pipe, he gets down and starts slurping on Chy’s cock in return. While he’s going Chy on his back, Phoenix lifts his legs and starts rimming his hole, tasting the handsome man’s ass and getting it ready for the fuck of its life! Phoenix turns Chy around, putting him on all fours on the leather ottoman and slides his monster cock deep inside. Chy grips onto the furniture as Phoenix buries himself deep. Phoenix’s cock is no easy ride. It’s 9+ inches of thick, hard dick that keeps Chy stretched open and full. Even when Chy gets on top to ride it, he can’t help but curse out as he moans in disbelief of its size. Chy feels every inch and thrust deep in his gut, feeling Phoenix load him up again and again this hot, intense session! [Read more]

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